Weed Control

Weed Control Services for Midland, TX

Weeds are an unwelcome sight for any home or business owner. As weeds continue to grow across your lawn, they compete for the sunlight and nutrients that your grass needs to flourish. At Eternal Tree & Landscaping Services, we provide weed control services for both residential and commercial clients throughout Midland, TX. We deal with many different species of weeds and we understand the factors that go into weed infestations, including your lawn’s health, the soil and local growing conditions. When you’re searching for an experienced weed control team, think of us! Contact us today to learn more!

Why Weeds Should Be Removed

  • Weeds rob your soil and your plants of important nutrients and water
  • Certain weeds reduce crop yield on farms because their roots release chemicals that are harmful to surrounding plants
  • Weeds can be a breeding ground for pests including bugs, rodents, and cockroaches