About Us

Eternal Tree & Landscape Services

Eternal Tree & Landscape Services was established by Dan Nicholas, longtime Midland, TX homeowner and businessman. Dan’s first priority and reason for establishing the business was to help his fellow Midlanders to beautify their homes and businesses in the unique desert climate. As landscapers in Midland, TX, our experienced staff is well versed on native plants. In West Texas, no other business understands the climate better than Eternal Tree & Landscape Services.  
We also maintain the license for irrigation work, so you can rest assured that we can design an irrigation system or repair your existing one to provide the hydration necessary for your landscape. 

Experienced Staff of
Landscape Professionals

The staff at Eternal Tree & Landscape Services has a combined 75 years of experience with tree trimming and pruning, landscaping design and maintenance, irrigation services, and so much more. Next time you need landscape and tree services in Midland, TX, call on our experienced team. We are your go-to landscaper in Midland, TX.

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