Odessa Sprinkler System Installations

Eternal Tree & Landscaping Services provides Odessa sprinkler system installations for residential and commercial properties. If you are interested in the convenience and effectiveness that comes with an automated irrigation system, then we invite you to consult with our team.

Irrigation is essential — especially in the Odessa area — if you want to maintain a healthy, vibrant lawn and landscape. This area is subjected to desert-like conditions. And while it’s important to implement climate-appropriate plants, shrubs and elements, keeping a property properly hydrated is still important.

Our sprinkler system installations in Odessa TX are:

  • Tailored to your property. Regardless of the layout of your property, our team is able to design and install a system that will deliver the right amount of hydration to your lawn and landscape. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to Odessa sprinkler system installations — we tailor your system.


  • Administered by seasoned professionals. The crews that handle our sprinkler system installations in Odessa TX have logged decades of combined experience in this industry. You can trust that your system is being installed the right way by technicians that have a long track record of precision work. Plus, we stand behind our work.


  • Supported by our ongoing service. Not only do we handle Odessa sprinkler system installations, but our team is available to ensure that your system continues to stay up and running — and efficiently. This means that we provide maintenance work, like winterizing your system before it sits idle for months. ETL Midland is also available to take care of repair needs, whether you’re dealing with a broken sprinkler head or leaks in your lines.

An irrigation system on your property can save you time and energy while maximizing water use and ensuring that your property stays looking its best all year round.


Consult with the team at ETL Midland 

ETL Midland provides a wide range of lawn care, landscaping and tree services. Whether you need professionals to remove a problematic tree or design a landscape from scratch, we’re ready to work with you.

For Odessa sprinkler system installations, or a wide range of additional services, connect with our team and get a free, no-obligation estimate.