Midland Lawn Fertilizer Services

Transform your lawn with quality Midland lawn fertilizer services. We are Eternal Tree & Landscaping Services, and we invite you to tap into the expertise of our locally-owned, family-operated business to keep your lawn and landscapes looking their best.

From our lawn fertilizer services in Midland TX to tree services and landscape design and installation, we’re a one-stop shop for both residential and commercial clients that want to bolster the curb appeal of their properties. Our work adds beauty and value to properties.


Bring our Midland lawn fertilizer services to your property

Grass thrives on certain nutrients — and these are not always nutrients found naturally in the soil. In fact, the whole point of the fertilization process is to supplement the soil with elements that will allow your grass to thrive.

Through our season-long application program, our lawn fertilizer services in Midland TX will help you accomplish a variety of benefits, including:

  • Greener, more resilient grass. Fertilization helps to establish a stronger root system, which is ultimately the conduit between the soil and your grass. This creates healthy, green grass that is resilient against the elements.

  • Eliminate disease, pests and weeds. When your grass thrives, it is able to give the boot to these harmful factors. Disease, pests and weeds can make your lawn look sickly and patchy.

  • A beautiful property with more value. A lush, green lawn is tough to accomplish on your own. It’s coveted by many homeowners. By helping you establish a picture-perfect lawn, we’re able to lend both curb appeal and monetary value to your property.

Instead of struggling with store-bought fertilizers and spending your weekend applying it, lighten the load by connecting with the team at ETL Midland. We use high-powered fertilizers that we are licensed by the state to apply. We have experienced crews that conduct this work and we protect it with a satisfaction guarantee. We promise a greener, more lush, lawn once we’re done with it.

We invite you to get a free estimate for our Midland lawn fertilizer services and explore our additional services. Our team is standing by to connect with you right now.