Odessa Lawn Fertilizer Services

Few things are more satisfying to a homeowner than maintaining a beautiful, lush, healthy lawn, and with our Odessa lawn fertilizer services, you can do exactly that.

Your grass might be growing just fine, but is it riddled with bald spots or brown patches? Are you noticing weeds showing up here and there? These are normal problems that plague a lawn, and they can be tough to overcome. But, with Eternal Tree & Landscaping Services, you can do something about it.

We provide weed remediation and lawn fertilizer services in Odessa TX. These carefully timed applications ensure that the bad stuff stays out of your lawn while the good stuff (i.e. nutrients that help you grass to grow) stays in.


About our Odessa lawn fertilizer services

Instead of fumbling around with store-bought fertilizer, and spending your weekend applying it, you can lean on ETL Midland to take care of this important work for you. We use highly effective blends of nutrients that lend themselves to a variety of benefits, including:

  • Addressing the nutritional needs of your grass all year round. Not only does each lawn need something different when it comes to nutrition, but lawns require different nutrients depending on the season. We account for these unique needs with our lawn fertilizer services in Odessa TX.

  • Healthier lawns. Plain and simply put — our fertilizer service leads to healthy lawns. And it’s easy to see that your lawn is healthy. You can expect lush, thick, resilient grass on your lawn, which enhances curb appeal. This is resilient grass, too, with a strong root system.

Not only is the fertilizer we use highly effective, but the crews that apply it are highly trained and experienced. In fact, our crews boast over 75 years of combined experience working in lawn care, landscaping and tree service. You’re simply not going to find a more qualified crew anywhere else.

We invite you to finally achieve the show-stopping lawn that you have always wanted. Connect with the team at Eternal Tree & Landscaping and ask us about our Odessa lawn fertilizer services. We can provide you with a free quote and more information on our additional services.