Midland Weed Removal Services

If your lawn is like so many others, and you’re dealing with stubborn weeds that are affecting your turf and hurting the curb appeal of your lawn as a whole, then turn to the trusted leader in Midland weed removal services.

At Eternal Tree & Landscaping Services, we provide our residential and commercial clients with a wide range of lawn care, landscaping and tree services. From designing and installing a climate-appropriate landscape on your property to removing a tree and grinding down the stump, we have the expert crews needed to provide you with high quality work.

This same level of quality applies to our weed removal services in Midland TX. We are able to identify various weed types throughout your lawn and then apply an appropriate combination of herbicides in order to laminate them while keeping your healthy grass intact.

Weed remediation is a very tough lawn care task. It requires expertise — especially when you’re dealing with powerful and potentially harmful herbicides. At ETL Midland, we’re licensed by the Texas Department of Agriculture to apply pesticides and herbicides, providing you with the peace of mind that our Midland weed removal services are administered by only trained professionals that are focused on keeping the environment safe.


Maintain a healthy, lush, green lawn with ETL Midland

Our weed removal services in Midland TX pairs well with our fertilization service. This one-two punch will eliminate a nutrient-depriving element from your lawn while supplementing it with all the nutrients it needs to grow and thrive. You’ll end up with a pristine, beautiful lawn that:

  • Is free of disease and pests
  • Adds to the curb appeal of your residential or commercial property
  • Is resilient and will hold up against the elements
  • Requires only basic and minimal upkeep and maintenance

If you have struggled to establish a healthy, full, uniform lawn on your property, then we invite you to connect with Eternal Tree & Landscaping Services. We pride ourselves on providing effective Midland weed removal services and everything else that you need to make your residential and commercial property stand out. Get in touch with us for a free estimate on our services!